Who We Are

A social club for the Annuitants of Esso Resources, Imperial Oil Limited and ExxonMobil Canada in the Calgary Area.

The club has been actively serving the Annuitants of Esso Resources and Imperial Oil since 1987.

We're Making Changes

The website has some new features that are available to members only, so we've made some changes to the layout of the buttons or active areas that let you get around the site. To see these new features, click on 'For Members' on the menu above. You'll need to enter your username and pass phrase to unlock these pages. The April issue of the Newsletter has details on how to get your username and pass phrase the first time that you try to log on.

We've decided to move some of our existing pages into the restricted area to enhance the privacy of our members. So you will find 'In Memory', 'Retirees' and 'Newsletters' in our 'For Members' area, too.

Where's the Newsletter?

The Newsletters page has moved to be available only in the 'For Members' section. But to help you during this transition to the new website layout, you can find it by clicking here. This is only temporary, and you can't get to other parts of 'For Members' from the Newsletters page. Once most of our members have their passwords, Newsletters will only be available in the 'For Members' area.